Every breath we take is a gift. Every heart beat is a proof that we are alive.

My name is Sabrina, I am a medical student from Germany and I am in love with life, even if it hasn’t always been like this.

I was born with a disease which has the complicated name “variation of hypoplastic leftheart Syndrom”. Medical history proofed that this is one of the rarest and most complicated heart defects. That means, next to some little heart defects, my left ventricle is smaller that it should have been so it isn’t working properly. Thanks to modern medicine and a procedure which is called “Fontan surgery”, I am living with just one working ventricle.
After a lot of medical treatments, surgeries and emergencies, I live full a life with half a heart and a pair of half working lungs. Because the different heart-lung-body circulation that I have gives me the opportunity to survive, I want more than that: I want to live.

Life with chronic illness brings everything that a normal life also has: pain, joy, darkness and light, thankfulness and doubts. But sometimes I need to take a different road than “healthy” people to achieve the same goal.
On my blog I want to share these ways, because so many people/kids are diagnosed with a chronic illness like mine every day and I want to show, that you don’t have to be afraid of a life with such a diagnosis, because our lives are effected by our diagnosis but not defined by those.
I do believe that Love begins with selflove and accepting the things, we can’t change. If we focus on the negative, we will experience negativity.
I am not saying that negativity shouldn’t exist, but rather that negativity teaches us to apprechiate the posivity stronger.

Dear reader, I learned to dance in the rain and to turn my face to the sun, whenever it’s possible. And I do believe that you have the power to do so as well.
Life is for living – one beat at a time.