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I want to make sure that my cooperations are authentic, which means that I will give my own (honest) opinion, and my own experiences.
Please note: I do not accept free products in exchange for a post. Also I do not accept products which include animal origin (they should be vegan) or products which were tested on animals.

Often, I receive messages from my readers where they tell me their problems or their medical stories. I am thankful for their trust and honesty, but I am not a psychologist. And I don’t want or should answer on these messages with medical or psychological advices.
My blog is a page from someone who is concerned about chronic illness for other people who are concerned about chronic illness, get in touch with this topic or who are interested and in that.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Münster, DE

My name is Sabrina and I am living with half a heart. Living with chronic illness can be challenging. That's why I share my experiences, my learnings and moments full of real emotions, love and vulnerability. In this way, I want to encourage other people with and without chronic illness to live a life they love. I am a student, a blogger and public speaker.