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Unlimited beautiful – Photoshooting with “Projekt Grenzenlos”

August 16, 2019

Beauty is limitless. That’s what everyone is saying, but when we take a closer look on what the ideal of beauty is, we often just find three different types: slim, perfectly cury or athletic. Those models always have flawless skin, shiny hair and a perfect smile. But this is how just a few people look. I mean, what is ideal and what is normal in terms of beauty? We all have flaws.

(Disclaimer: This article includes unpaid advertisement for Projekt Grenzenlos and all the people who were involved in this. It’s a project that means a lot to me and I wanted to share it with you!)

Sometimes, our flaws and blemishes are reasoned with the fact that we fight and fought with our bodies. With and against our bodies, against our demons and with our destinies. Saskia Frietsch wants to photograph people with exact those flaws for her project Projekt Grenzenlos (= Project limitless). She wants to show that beauty is defined indivudually and that there is no classification as normal or abnormal because everyone has to carry their own package. Especially she wants to help her models to find a healthy additude towards their own bodies and their personal ideal image of beauty. Freely interpretated and translated she says “It’s not about what you have, but it’s about what you do with what you have” and I guess that’s very true and wise. Saskia herself fights the chronic illness Chron’s diesease which was the reason why she started her project.

Probably, most people don’t mind if someone doesn’t correspond with the ideal beauty, because the blemishes aren’t that remarkable. But you personally mind it because you know every inch of your body. Because you also know the parts of your body which are mostly hidden for the most people. Of course it’s totall normal that that you totally like youself all the time and there will always be good days and bad days. Neverless, it’s important to have a healthy additude towards your own body. That’s not always easy, especilly when people constantly demonstrate that parts of your body are abnormal in their point of view.

For me personally, my heart defect is a part of who I am and a part of my body. I see my scars as signs for the fights, I won. I got scared, I got hurt, but I survived. And the fact is, that I had serveral surgeries where my chest was cut wide open and I layed with an open chest on a table and surgerons were able to operate at my heart to give me a chance of a life, made me so happy and I am very proud of this. Of the chance to have a life and of my scars. In most cases, blemishes aren’t a sign of weakness, but they rather show, how strong we actually are.
Then, Saskia searched via Instagram new models for a new Project limitless shooting. So I texted her and she choosed me as a model next to five other impressive people. And I am so thankful to had this opportunity for this amazing shooting.

Sometimes, the things that seem to be something negative on the first sight, don’t turn out as something actual negative. Sometimes, it opens new doors to new opportunities and we have the ability to take our lives in our own hands or to wait until something changes on its own. Without my heart defect, I might never started an Instagram account to write about topics just as chronic illnesses or self acceptance. And without this account, I never met Saksia and Projekt Grenzenlos.

And that’s why I was in January 2017 for the very first time in cologne. Not because of the city itself, not for a sight seeing tour, but because of this photo shooting. It was the very first time, I met people, I just knew via Instagram. And for the very first time, a photo shooting would become something so huge. We all met in a beautiful antique flat anywhere in the middle of cologne which spread a beautiful nostalgic charme. A crew from a german television station was there to make a documentary about Saskia. There were two make-up artists and in between Saskia and her boyfriend Patrick and the lovely second phtotographer Anna. All in all, we were six individuals with with a very personal and individual story, which was photographed now.
It is something complete different, when you don’t get ready on your own for photos and when someone else does your make up and even someone else helps you chosing your outfit, you would never wear in your everyday life. It feels so much more special that way. It’s not about putting on a custume, but rather to turn the inside out. To embody beauty in a way that you actually just feel or should feel inside. Beauty is more than the surface, it’s a feeling inside of us. Of course, we wouldn’t have needed all the make up and the special dresses, when Saskia just wanted to present and photograph blemishes. I mean, we could have stand in front of a white wall, took one or two photos and that’s it. But that wasn’t the aim. I wan’t about exhibit our diseases and blemishes, but to show that beauty is a feeling. So why not having a beutiful setting, make up and outfit to really feel and express this beauty? Because finally all those dressed were made to show our bemishes.

Beauty is limitless and some days, when I don’t feel beautifu within my skin, I love to remember photos and events like this: Not everything seems to be beautiful from the very first sight. Whether it’s a feeling or a happening or something we look at with an objective point of view. But there are always ways how to see beauty in those things or how to turn a situation into something beautiful. I do believe that the external condition is influenced by our feelings. I mean, the power of our feelings and mindset can turn any situation into something good or bad. If we feel beautiful, we show up as a more beautyful person, a person with a more beautiful or positive aura. Then, it doesn’t matter whether the way I look doesn’t fit the ideal, because I am beautiful in my very own kinda way.

A very big thank you to the photographer Anna, make-up artist Estelle and of course to Saskia, who all made me feel endlessly beautiful that day. I totally admire Saskia for her courage, her staying power and that she doesn’t just fight for herself but also for so many people out there who sometimes don’t feel well in their skins. Even if I would say, that I accept my illness the way it is, I never felt so beatiful like on this day. My scars and my story nd the ones of the other five wonderful models aren’t blemishes, even if we cll it like this. They are nothing to be ashamed of, nothing bad and nothing contgious. They are a part of us and they make us limitless beautiful.

Here you can find the links to the mentioned people and Projekt Grenzenlos:

Projekt Grenzenlos: https://www.instagram.com/projekt.grenzenlos/ and

Saskia Frietsch: https://www.instagram.com/liebesklang/
Anna Franziska Batilovic: https://www.instagram.com/anna_batilovic_fotografie/

(You can find all the other mentionned people through my Instagram post about Projekt Grenzenlos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQsvhTNDFiM/?taken-by=fragments_of_living/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/BP-SdzmBT5O/?taken-by=fragments_of_living/ )



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